Behind the Professional

fam_med_hr-1When he’s not working, Steve has quite a few activities to keep him busy. His first joy is doing any activity with his family: His wife of 20 years Julia, their daughter Erin, and dog Caspian. Together they love the outdoors and any adventure vacation, spending at least some portion of every summer split between surfing, paddle boarding, and swimming on the Jersey Shore and hiking and exploring the Adirondacks near Big Moose Lake.

Steve’s day-to-day activities include coaching the Hunter Cheetahs soccer team (hi girls!) and serving as an Executive Board member for the Hunter Soccer Club in Glenside, PA.

Steve is an avid reader, getting through a few books a week but in the fall, that pace falls off when Steve bears the suffering, but enjoys the community, that comes with being a long-time Buffalo Bills fan.

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